It’s time! We’re now officially getting ready to start my 2021 crochet along, the AMMA CAL, which starts October 1st. This time around we’re doing a motif pattern, that is we make squares that are worked in the round (hence no tails!) and you then join the squares into a blanket, or if you want to make a small project you can go for the cushion version.
AMMA cushions, Traditional version
On practical notes, the AMMA CAL pattern comes as a fully written pattern, with both charts and progress pics for all bits as well! This is a paid pattern CAL and you can choose to either buy the AMMA CAL pattern book (digital download included) or only purchase the Digital AMMA CAL pdf version, both are available in the shop here on my site (digital version is also available on Ravelry). I also have a limited amount of official HAPPY GRANNY AMMA CAL KITS available in my store here, which includes both 40 x balls of LETTLOPI wool to make a medium sized AMMA blanket in specially dyed colors, the hard copy book as well as the digital version. The complete AMMA CAL video tutorials (for all 7 parts!) will then be available free of charge for everyone on my YouTube channel.
The CAL is hosted in my Facebook group, Tinna´s Crochet Club, where we will all be crocheting along our AMMA projects together and you can get pattern assistance, share pics of your WIP AMMA projects and get color inspiration from other members. If you´re not on Facebook, it´s not necessary to join the group to join in on the CAL, it´s just more fun! But you can also show your progress on Instagram and just follow along on YouTube!
The motif I use here is very traditional in Icelandic textile culture and I’m so very fond of it. In Icelandic we call this ÁTTBLAÐARÓS, or the Eight Petals Rose, and I’ve been working it for as long as I can remember. It’s traditionally mostly used in embroidery and knitting, but here I work this classic geometrical design in mosaic crochet.
The pattern comes in two versions, the traditional AMMA is a rather large square, where I frame the roses up with an element of the interlacing chains from our classic viking knot, that ties it all together and continues onto the border. In the simple AMMA version we have smaller squares, using only the traditional roses, which then form additional patterns in the anti-spaces between them on the joins. Incidentally this version reminds me of the old traditional American quilts, where you can also find this classic motif.

The name of the pattern also bears a special meaning. AMMA means grandmother in Icelandic and this design is a special tribute to my grandmother, AMMA MÆJA, and my great grandmother, AMMA LÓLA, who taught me the textile arts … and so much more!

Furthermore it´s a tribute to all the wonderful grandmothers worldwide that pass their knowledge on and teach their grandchildren with such love. I think we can all agree that grannies really rock! My hope is that you will make your own AMMA project as a tribute to your grandmother, with love in every stitch.

AMMA variations
This is a motif pattern that comes in several variations and can be used to make different projects, for example both blankets and cushions in various sizes.

First of all we have the three sizes of squares, they are all made following the same pattern, but completing the whole 23 rounds for the traditional AMMA square, the first 15 rounds for the simple AMMA square and finally you can work only the first 7 rounds and do a  project with the tiny AMMA square.

You can find predetermined sizes for the first two versions, but honestly the tiny version is just a little extra because I find it so cute! Well, that, and I’m a huge fan of tiny squares! Specially for baby blankets and cushions.

Furthermore, the three sizes of squares all fit together in a way. 4 tiny squares are the same size as 1 simple square, 9 tiny ones are the same size as 1 traditional square and 9 simple squares are the same size as 4 traditional squares. You can play with this for example when making AMMA cushions, using one size for the back and another size for the front, still getting each side the same final size.

You can also combine the different sizes of squares into one blanket, but then I recommend only using the tiny and simple versions, because the frame of the traditional square doesn´t mix and match very well with the others in my opinion.
Additionally, there are 5 types of squares included in the blanket, all in the same motif of the eight petals rose, but with different center designs.


You will need at least 2 colors and can use any yarn you like for this project. If you use thicker yarn than suggested here, your squares will be bigger, if you use thinner yarn your squares will be smaller. Really everything goes and I can especially recommend using your scraps and stash for the pattern color B to make all sorts of colorful roses and then only buying the yarn you need for color A, the main color, and the color B you use for the frames and border, to tie it all nicely together.
I used the wonderful Lettlopi wool from Istex for my AMMA blanket and can wholly recommend that. It’s DK weight, 100% cruelty free Icelandic wool and 50 g = 100 m. I have limited edition official AMMA CAL yarn kits available in this yarn in the HAPPY GRANNY colorway for medium sized AMMA blankets, you’ll find the link to that in my shop here on the page. In the following table you can see the yarn stats for all 5 sizes of AMMA blankets in Lettlopi, as well as the approximate finished sizes.
I also have yarn stats for the small and medium traditional AMMA blankets in Stylecraft Special DK, you can see these in the following table. Again, it’s perfect to use your scraps and stash for the flowers and then just buy whatever main color A and frame color B you choose.
Crochet hooks

 You need a 4 mm hook for the squares and 3.5 mm hook for the border, if using suggested yarn. Otherwise use a hook that suits your yarn for the squares and then go down half a hook size for the border.


The size of the squares will vary depending on the hook and yarn you use. All measurements here are approximates and according to the officially suggested hook and yarn.

My traditional AMMA squares are 27 x 27 cm (10.5” x 10.5”) large after blocking.
My simple AMMA squares are 18 x 18 cm (7” x 7”) large.

My tiny AMMA squares are 9 x 9 cm (3.5” x 3.5”) large.

Since this is a motif blanket, you can really do it in any size you like. You will find the 5 predetermined sizes of both versions of the AMMA blankets that are included in this pattern in the Lettlopi yarn stats table here above.


I use the US terms in my patterns and these are the stitches we use:
ST = stitch
CH = chain stitch
SS = slip stitch
SC = single crochet
HDC = half double crochet
DC = double crochet
FPDC = front post double crochet
SDC = slanted double crochet

XDC = extended double crochet


This time around we’re doing the CAL with a new format, so the whole pattern is now already released and the Crochet along schedule will be determined by the release of the video tutorials for each part. I decided to do it this way because now I am for the first time offering a hard copy pattern book for the CAL, and I didn’t think it was fair that those who bought the book would get the whole pattern right away but those who choose the digital version would have to wait for each part to be released, like I normally do in with my annual CAL patterns. Although you get the whole pattern right away as a digital download when you buy any of the AMMA CAL products and you can then of course start hooking right away, I want to ask you please not to post pics of your AMMA projects on social media until we start the CAL officially on October 1st. I realize that in the end this is totally up to you, I can only ask you nicely. Until then, it would be great fun to see pics of the yarn and colors you decide on using and hearing about which version you are going for! Once we start the CAL I will of course be eager to see all your progress pics and AMMA projects and please remember to add the tag #AMMACAL.

The AMMA CAL has 7 parts, that’s the 5 different AMMA squares, plus joining and the border. I will release a detailed video tutorial for each part on my YouTube channel, where I’ll crochet along with you, showing you each and every stitch!

Here’s the AMMA CAL video schedule:


Friday September 3rd I´ll do a LIVE video (4 pm GMT) on my YouTube channel, showing you all the different versions of AMMA blankets and cushions and hopefully answering all your questions about the Crochet Along.

PART 1 - Friday October 1st – the AMMA SAGA square
PART 2 - Friday October 8th – the AMMA LÓLA square
PART 3 - Friday October 15th – the AMMA MARÍA square
PART 4 - Friday October 22nd – the AMMA ÞÓRA square
PART 5 - Friday October 29th – the AMMA TINNA square
PART 6 - Friday November 5th – JOINING the squares

PART 7 - Friday November 12th – the BORDER

I´m so happy that we are finally starting and positively can´t wait to see all your AMMA projects in the making! Looking forward to crocheting along with you guys and seeing all your different versions and colors!